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The Wall of Royalty (In front of the old Provincial Hall)

Once in Phichit, let’s start off the day with good vibes by offering food to monks on Saturday morning along the Wall of Royalty, Bussaba Road, Muang Phichit District.

If a question “why do it here?” raised, it is because this road is considered the only road where offering food to monk before the drawing portrait of King Rama IX takes place. Along the 500 meters length of the “Wall of Loyalty”, there are 84 drawing portraits of King Rama IX. Those portraits were drawn by Phichit locals to express their sincere gratitude toward His Majesty the King’s hard works for his people during his reign.

Besides, when you finish the offering, you can go shopping for affordable price items at “Nad Nee Pea Nong” Market which is in the same area. It is a farmer market where organic agricultural goods are sold. This market was actually started by a group of young students who grew and produced some goods then sold them here to the locals. It then becomes more popular among Phichit people.

LocationBussaba Road, Nai-Maung Sub-district, Muang Phichit District, Phichit Province
Opening Hours“The Wall of Royalty” always open Nad Nee Pau Nong Market opens Saturday between 05.00 AM to 10.00 AM.
DirectionFrom the town heading toward Bussaba Road, Nai-Maung Sub-district, Muang Phichit District, Phichit Province