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King Sanphet VIII Shrine

King Sanphet VIII Shrine is where the statue of King Sua or King Sanphet VIII situated. He was the 29th king of Ayutthaya and a king who was born in Phichit. Thus, his spirit worshipping ceremony is annually hold with Thai boxing show and Cock fighting, which was his favorite sport. A traditional parade and presentation of sacred flowers and ornaments is included in the event as well. King Sua or King Sanphet VIII was the 29th King of Ayutthaya period and the second King of Baan Plu Laung Dynasty. He was born in December 1662 in Pho Prathap Chang Village, Phichit which is now a Pho Prathap Chang District, Phichit Province. His accession to the throne was between 1697 – 1706. Phichit people honor and admire him as a King who had gratitude for his hometown. People usually make wishes upon the King statue offering fighting cock sculptures to the shrine in return.

LocationPho Prathap Chang Sub-district, Pho Prathap Chang District, Phichit Province
Tel.+66 89 829 8986
Opening HoursEvery day
Direction27 km away from the town of Pho Prathap Chang along Phichit – Wang Chik Road, 2 km. before reaching Wang Chik