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Siam Tulip Field

Rainy Season is a season to enjoy scent of soil, scent of rain, fog and flower, right? If you have not set any plan, try visiting Bann Kao Loan Community, Kao Jed Look Sub-district, Tap Khlo District, Phichit Province. It is where a field of thousands of giant Siam Tulips located. Every year during July to September, Siam Tulips will bloom and ready to welcome tourists. The flowers grow naturally ever since head of the community, head of the locals and official parts had turn a bald mountain into a fertile one. This field is now a resource of community food, herb and flowers such as Siam Tulip.

To call them giant Siam Tulip is not an exaggeration at all because these Siam Tulips are 3 times the size of a regular one. Their petals are 20 cm. high and 10 cm. wide. The pink and white flowers contrasting with their green leaves cover the whole area of Khao Cha-Om and Khao Tapannak which is around 160 acres. Visitors normally take tons of pictures from here. However, it takes a little effort to go up to the field as tourists have to walk almost 2 km., which is totally worth it at the end.


LocationBann Kao Loan Community, Moo 6, Kao Jed Look Sub-district, Tap Khlo District, Phichit Province.
Tel.+66 5622 1811-2 ททท. สำนักงานนครสวรรค์ (ดูแลพื้นที่นครสวรรค์และพิจิตร) +66 87 001 0525 President of Bann Kao Loan Community +66 89 220 5700  Vice President of Bann Kao Loan Community
Opening HoursJuly to October
Direction5 km. from Highway 11 Tak Fa – Wang Thong then walk 2 km. to the field.