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Pho Prathap Chang Temple

Among other historical evidences, Pho Prathap Chang is one of those evidences proving that Phichit is one of the most ancient city in Thailand. It is a historical site where King Sua or King Sanphet VIII was born. It was told that King Sua ordered for this temple to be built in 1699-1701 as a memorial of his birthplace.

Present, the temple is registered as historical site and has become a learning ground on the precious Late Ayutthaya Art. Its vihara is considered an important sacred place which surrounded by double brick walls. The building contains lots of windows and a big arch similar to Ratchaburana Temple arch while the designs on both windows and the arch are identical to the ones on Ku Dee Dao Temple. In front of the vihara, the second small portico projecting from the main one was built for the King to walk on and meet his people. Such portico indicated that the temple was indeed a royal temple.

Not only Late Ayutthaya Art can be learnt here but one will also have an opportunity to pay respect to “Laung Pho To”, one of the most respectable buddha statues. The aforementioned statue was built in Ayutthaya period, measures 4 cubits length and 5 cubits height and around 300 years old. Consequently, Laung Pho To is a principle buddha image in Pho Prathap Chang Temple. Additionally, there is also a huge Takhian (Malabar ironwood) tree measuring 7.6 meters in diameter or the arm length of seven people which believed to be over 260 years old.

LocationPho Prathap Chang Sub-district, Pho Prathap Chang District, Phichit Province
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Direction27 km away from the town of Pho Prathap Chang along Phichit – Wang Chik Road, 2 km. before reaching Wang Chik