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The Old City Park and City Pillar Shrine

As an ancient city enrich in history, many sites in Phichit are learning ground for visitors. If you wish to see where Phichit begins, the Old City Park is highly recommended. It is the place believing to be a location of an old city of Phichit built in Phraya Kot Bong period in 1058. This old city covers an area of over 160 acres, with city walls, moat, old pagodas and several others.

Another interesting feature of this place is City Pillar Shrine situated in a two-storey building. The City Pillar Shrine is situated on the top floor and Phraya Kot Bong statue or “Pho Puu” for the locals is on the lower floor. Moreover, Mahathat Temple, a brick monastery located in the middle of old town Phichit east of old Nan river, is also in the area. The temple was registered as a significant archaeological site of Thailand. Phrathat Pagoda in Lanka shape is a highlight of the temple, Buddha images inside were all smuggled out. Another site to see, Chalawan Cave is in this old city park as well. The cave leads deep underground, Kraithong and Chalawan sculptures guarding in front of the cave were built by the city. Last but not least, Sri Mala Island is an earth mound that looks like a small island in the center of the moat outside the old city wall. It was believed to be a forth or a lookout tower.

The Old City Park and City Pillar Shrine are 7 km. away from Phichit. Inside, Kanchanakuman’s Arboretum, which was founded by the Forest Department in 1977, is located. The arboretum is sylvan and perfect for relaxation time.

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