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Ho Chi Minh Museum

When you come to Phichit, make sure you stop by the Ban Dong Ho Chi Minh Museum where the exhibition about the Vietnamese in Ban Dong is displayed. Ban Dong is an abundant area which was once the historic ground for the declaration of independence of Vietnam from France, leading by Ho Chi Minh, Vietnamese Communist revolutionary leader. In the Museum, the documents, publications, and articles related to Ho Chi Minh is also presented.

Ban Dong Ho Ch Minh Museum is situated in the area of Thailand-Vietnam Center building in Ban Dong, which is initiated by the collaboration between Pa Makhap Subdistrict Administrative Organization, Phupan Institute, and Ho Chi Minh Museum, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The Thailand-Vietnam Center was established on the public land (Vietnamese cemetery) Moo. 5, Pa Makhap subdistrict, Muang, Phichit, on the 20th of December 2013. Later in 2016, the provinces in the lower part of the North funded the establishment of the Ho Chi Minh Museum.

This weekend if you have time to visit this place, you will see how Thais’ kindness and generosity meant for President Ho Chi Minh during the time when he restored his nation.

LocationPa Makhap Sub-district, Muang Phichit District, Phichit Province
Tel.+66 5668 5053 Ext. 105 and +66 86 925 8796 Division of Social Welfare Wang Krod Sub-District Municipality
Opening HoursMonday – Friday 08.30 AM – 04.30 PM
DirectionPhichit – Sak Lek PJ. 111 Road, across from Electrical Power Substation, about 5 km from Phichit Provincial Hall