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Bang Khlan Temple

Referring to the most respected Buddhist monk in Phichit, the name “Laung Pho Ngoen Wat Ban Khlan” will definitely come up and so will unbelievable stories about himself.

Going back to 1834, “Wang Tako Temple” or “Bang Khlan Temple” was built by Laung Pho Ngoen and later developed rapidly by the faith of his disciples. Nowadays, Bang Khlan Temple is still a destination of the disciples who respect Laung Pho Ngoen and antiques admirers. That is because the temple is full with antiques collected for a long time ago including Buddha images, votive tablets, pottery and others, most of which was donated to the temple. In addition, Nakorn Chai Bovon Museum, a two-storay structure, is located in this temple as well. On the top storey, a life size bronze statue of Luangpho Ngoen is situated while the bottom floor is Nakorn Chai Bovon Museum where several antiques are displayed.

If you are an antiques fan and wish to pay respect to Laung Pho Ngoen, it is advised to a pin on Pho Thale District, alongside Old Nan River Bank where Bang Khlan Temple or Hiranyaram Temple is located.

LocationAlongside Old Nan River Bank, Moo 5, Pho Thale District, Phichit Province
Tel.+66 5666 9030-1
Opening HoursEvery day from 08.00 AM to 05.00 PM
DirectionHighway No.1067 and take a left for 8 km.