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Wat Mahathat

Mahathat Temple is a brick archaeological site located in the center of the old Phichit town east of old Nan river. In 1935, the Fine Arts Department has registered this temple as an archaeological site which surrounded by Lanka shape Phrathat Pagoda that once contained Buddha images inside. Front of the pagoda is a nine-room vihara, its rear is an ubosot with double-slab marker stone. Roots of banyan tree wraps around the pediment. The tree had once fallen down over the buddha statue leaving only the tall brick base. In 1991, Fine Arts Department dug under the mound around the vihara and found several constructions from two different periods of time; Sukhothai and Ayutthaya. Several pagodas and a trace of a giant wall of Mahathat temple were found in the area of “The old Phichit City Park”. It is an important historical, archeological and natural attraction of Phichit. This park hosts historic sites and sanctuaries. As it is the Kanchanakuman’s Arboretum, this place is very cozy and peaceful. It is the place where one can learn new knowledge, pay respect to sacred spirituals, gain new experience and relax. Accommodations include direction signs, information boards and well maintained surrounding. There might be some weeds and plants growing on the sites and sanctuaries and big trees leaning against the sites.

LocationIn the “Old Phichit City Park”, Moo 4, Old City Village, Old City Sub-district, Muang Phichit District, Phichit Province
Tel.+66 5661 2675-6
Opening HoursEvery day from 08.00 AM to 05.00 PM
DirectionTake Phichit – Sam Ngam – Wang Chik Road, Highway 115 and Highway 1068 to about the 6th km post.