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Wat Tai Nam

Opening Time  : 8.00 – 18.00 Hrs
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Wat Thai Nam- Luang Pho Ngern’s genesis  
Luang Pho Ngern had long dwelt at wat Thai Nam before moving to wat Bangkhlan. Though residing at the latter late in his life, he still frequented wat Thai Nam. It was said that he was often lost in the forest while on his way from wat Bangkhlan to wat Thai Nam distance of which is over 10 km through the wilderness, not the paddy field at present. Despite, he was safe on every journey.

The vihara in front of the ordination hall houses an exquisite sepia-toned mural depicting his biography.
The cubicle at the back houses a waxed look-alike of Luang Pho Ngern for paying respect to.
Giving confidence to devotees, the cubicle is of good quality wooden air-conditioned house to preserve the waxed molding.

No matter in which temple he resided, Luang Pho Ngern prevailed his charisma, did constructions and boat racing, the latter of which has become the province’s festival till today.

LocationWat Thai Nam, amphoe Pho Thale, Phichit
Opening HoursEveryday