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Luang Pho Phet Worship and the city Immaculateness

Phichit province is now Ready for the annual Luang Pho Phet worship and Phichit immaculateness of B.E. 2560 during 22-31 January B.E. 2560 with the highlights of the Luang Pho Phet worship illuminated boat procession, the episode of “Buddhist Dhrama, Luang Pho Phet” “Eternally in the heart of Thais”.

On 27th December B.E. 2559, at the Royal Chapel of Luang Pho Phet, Wat Tha Luang, Amphoe Muang Phichit, Mr. Veerasak Vichitseangsri, Phichit Provincial Governor along with Deputy Covernor, Wat Tha Luang Committee, Director of Tourism Authority of Thailand Na Khon Sawan office, and Phra Metheethampranat the assistant abbot of Wat Tha Luang make publish statement on the readiness to organize the worship of Luang Pho Phet and the Phichit immaculateness, which is held annually in the year B.E. 2560, was scheduled between 22nd and 31st January B.E. 2560 at Wat Tha Luang, A. Mueang, Phichit province. The purposes are to preserve the elegance culture of Phichit and to promote tourism in Phichit to be even more widespread. For the activities on 22nd January 2560 at 6.30 am, join the sacrifice ceremony and Phichit Province spiritual praying, at 3 pm., watch the beautiful blooms of national flowers from all districts and 3 municipalities. Enjoy water stage shows, free concert from the leading artists of Thailand every night, OTOP products exhibitions, see the grandeur of the tradition Luang Pho Phet worship illuminated boat procession decorated with over hundred thousand lamps. Phichit Province invite the Phichit people and neighboring provinces who are interested in joining the event as well as making merit with Holy Buddha Luang Pho Phet between 22nd and 31st January B.E. 2560 at Wat Tha Luang Monastery, Amphoe Muang, Phichit Province.