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Tha Khoi Pomelo

Tha Khoi pomelo is a famous of Phichit. The distinct characteristics of the Tha Khoi are the firm, seedless, light pink pulp, and the sweet-sour taste, which are popular among the visitors. According to the history of “Tha Khoi pomelo”, it was first grew in the area of Mr. Bua’s house, the chief of Tha Khoi village in Tambol Nai Muang, Phichit more than 100 years ago. However, there is no evidence of where the seeds were from. Later, Tha Khoi pomelo’s cultivated areas were expanded to Pho Prathap Chang District and then to other districts within Phichit. Moreover, the farmer in the neighboring area of Phichit also made contact with farmers in Phichit in order to buy the scions of Tha Khoi pomelo for growing in neighboring area, such as, Kampangpetch, Pitsanulok, and Sukhothai, since Tha Khoi pomelos were also well known to people in the area.

Owing to the quality of taste and scions of Tha Khoi pomelo, Phichit is an important and famous source of Tha Khoi pomelo production in the Northern Thailand. Tha Khoi pomelos are in season during October – April of every year.