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Four-flavor Tamarind Candy

“Home of Four-flavor Tamarind Candy” is the first in Thailand to turn tamarind into four-flavor candy. The product is called “Four-flavor Tamarind Candy Prapat Laungpresert”, which is a famous souvenir of Phichit. From the start in 1967, they just wanted to preserve tamarind and avoid putting them to waste. Hence, they flavored the tamarind and shared it with neighbors before putting it into business until present. The outstanding qualities of the products are its refreshing taste, cleanliness and affordable price. Aforementioned points make the product a favorite for those who love sour snacks. “Four-flavor Tamarind Candy Prapat Laungpresert” is made from a kind of sour tamarind which the right size and right richness of sour taste. The perfect taste of tamarind along with the four flavor seasonings are packed in neat qualified packages. Then, then the four-flavor tamarind candy put to sale in the Home of Four-flavor Tamarind Candy Shop opposite to Phichit Hospital. Additionally, there are sale representatives located in 10 northern and northeastern provinces as well as Bangkok.

LocationHome of Four-flavor Tamarind Candy Shop (Opposite to Phichit Hospital) T.Nai Muang, Muang District, Phichit Province 66000
Tel.08 1972 7272