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Mae Tapian’s Sun-dried Banana

Mae Ta Pien’s Sun-dried Banana is one of the most popular products of Phichit, the popularity is not only recognized by Thais but also by foreign customers. With its sweet-smell, sweetness, freshness and deliciousness, Mae Ta Pien’s Sun-dried Banana’s quality is ensured by the Food and Drug Administration. In addition, it reaches the Good Manufacturing Practice standard as well. Mae Ta Pien’s Sun-dried Banana started its production in 1989 by adding the value to local fruit “Cultivated banana” and the product has been well known ever since. The value adding process includes sub-drying the whole banana and packing them. Later on, its packaging and production were developed, instead of sun drying, baking at 100 °C was used to produce a better and cleaner “Sun-Dried Banana”. This procedure would ensure customers that the product is germfree. Additionally, another development was made in 2011; the bananas were sun-dried in a Parabola Dome. Sun drying in the dome not only reduces production period, but also produces a higher quality of banana in nice color without any dust, insects or mold. Presently, “Mae Ta Pien’s Sun-dried Banana” is for both wholesale and retail. There are sale representatives in every province of Thailand. Moreover, Mae Ta Pien’s Sun-dried Banana is exported to China, Korea and USA as well, all the more reasons why it is such a well-known product of Phichit.

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