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History of Phichit Province

”Phichit” means “beauty” when referring to Phichit city means beauty, fascinating city. It is also a historic city, the birthplace of Phra Chao Sua or “Phra Srisanphet VIII” King of Ayutthaya and the city that gave birth to Phra Horathibbody, a philosopher who is the goddess of wisdom.

Phichit Province has been one of the oldest provinces in Thailand since the Sukhothai period. It is believed that Chao Kanchana Kuman (Phraya Kottrabong) son of Phraya Kotamadhevaraj was a city builder on the bank of Nan river in B.E. 1601. The original name is Sa Luang city, Oka Buri city, Chai Bo Won city and Pak Yom city. The province of Phichit is located in the southern lowlands of the northern part of Suvarnabhumi. The area is covered by Yom and Nan River. The special features of the land of Phichit Province is full of canals, swamps, ponds. The soil of Phichit is fertile which is suitable for agriculture due to the sediment from the floods deposited every year.

In the reign of Phra Borom Tri Lokkanart, King Sri Ayutthaya, when the district was changed into a quasi-government and the city was divided into four major suburbs, Ake, Tho, Tri and Chatawa, Phichit city as a Tri city which was very important in military and administrative. Later in the reign of King Rattanakosin, he has written the poem “Krai Thong” using Phichit City as the source of the story. As Phichit Province was full of canals, swamps and ponds therefore, there were many crocodiles in the city. In the year B.E. 2435, Phraya Dumrong Rachanuphab has adopted a system of governance. County Phitsanulok had been established as the first county consisted of 5 cities: Phitsanulok, Pichai, Nakhon Sawankhalok, Sukhothai and Phichit. customwritings

Historical Town Hall
Flags & Provincial Seals of Phichit
Phichit’s Flag
Flag of Phichit Province is rectangle divided into 5 bands, 3 dark green bands alternate with 2 white bands.
Provincial Seals of Phichit
consists of pond and pho tree. A pond (Sa) refers to Sa Luang, which is the original name of the province. The city is an ancient Khmer city and is the capital city of Sukhothai and Phraya Khotong is the city builder. Pho tree means Wat Pho Pratub Chang. When King Narai the Great returned from the war in Chiang Mai. He brought back the princess of Chiang Mai and bestow upon king Peth Racha. When the army stopped at this place, she gave birth to the son under a fig tree. The baby boy was called “madua". Later, he became the Kingof Ayutthaya named "Somdej Phra Sri Sanpeth VIII" or Phra Chao Sua. Or Khun Luang Sorasak. During his reign of Ayutthaya period, he came to Phichit for the elephant round-up and visited the motherland at the village of Pho Pratub Chang then kindly built a monastery in Pho Thap Chang.
Phichit Slogan
Birth Place of Phra Chao Sua Traditional Long-Boat Racing Luang Pho Nguen’s Amulet Enjoy Bung See Fai The Heart of the People, Luang Pho Phet Delicious Tha Khoi Pomelo Famous Steamed Rice City of the Chalawan Legend
“The city with great agriculture, great environment and the city with great society and quality of life towards international standard.” Alternatively, it is called the city of three greatness towards international standard, in short. The definition of Phichit’s vision for 2018-2021 are set as following; The city with great agriculture refers to the high-quality rice grown in Phichit that reaches international standard. It plays an important role in continuously boosting business in the city. Agricultural products of Phichit are safe and reached the Safety Standards for Agriculture, Organic Agriculture and Kaset Khem Khaeng Brand. Importantly, the product adds a good amount to the city revenue as well as the locals and community’s. The city with great environment indicates the richness of natural resources. Quality of soil and water are just right for agriculture. Moreover, the great environment along with pure air make Phichit a perfect city to visit. The city with great society and quality of life is a city that processes the 6 characteristics of a model society as following; Society that full with wisdom, Society of kindness, Society of opportunity for all, Society of justice and equality, Society of morality and Society of sharing. The people have pleasant quality of life by confirming to the sufficiency economy theory and finally be independent. Toward international standard suggests the development of the province to be more internationalized. Connecting the province development to nation and international as to create connections and relationships among neighboring countries and ASIAN member countries. Making alliances with ASIAN member countries
  • To strengthen economic balance in the province and its stable growth building up from community. Being able to rely on inside sectors as well as connecting to other provinces, nation and ASIAN.
  • Developing management and production system of agricultural products in order to ensure high quality and maintain the export standard. Furthermore, to ensure food stability and strengthen agricultural sector so that they will have potential to compete in the market and be independent.
  • Managing water, soil as well as preserving natural resources to maintain the balance with their usage in the purpose of city development. By preserving ecosystem and developing natural resources to keep it abundant in a long term will guarantee the success of Phichit’s attempt on making its city the city of great agriculture.
  • Reinforcing the city’s quality and also pursuing to be a so society of learning. Moreover, also developing the community to promote peacefulness and quality of life conforming sufficiency economy theory.
  • Stimulating the potential of government, private as well as people sectors to support the tactical movement of both provincial and national developments.
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