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Message from Phichit Provincial Governor

Since the very first day that I moved to Phichit as the 54th father of the city, I have always been warm and proud. One reason is that every townspeople have given me such a warm welcome and adopted me as one of their own. Another reason is the beauty and impressive charm of the “beauty” city which serve its name very well. I could not help but fall in love with this place.

Back in old days, Phichit was only known as a bypassed city, some even claimed not wanting to pass the city at all. However, “Phichit” is one of the ancient cities in Thailand. Seeing from several archaeological sites and tourist attractions showing beauty of the past, Phichit is a historically significant city. Such beauty along with its stories have been passed along from generation to generation for younger generations to learn and appreciate their hometown. Additionally, “Phichit” still has many unique products that Chalawan townspeople created with a mixture of local wisdom and modern knowledge to offer. Phichit well-known products along with its beauty of nature make it the one and only city.

All aforementioned facts are the key factors that make Phichit such a unique city. I, as a father of the city, would like to invite everyone to experience our history and our traditional ways of living. The history and way of life that Phichit locals and I have been strongly determining to preserve and develop with our best.

Mr.Weerasak Wichitsangsri

Phichit Provincial Governor

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